5. Excessive gasping for air

Two reasons contribute to the link between kidney disease and shortness of breath, especially after a light effort. When the kidneys aren’t working properly, surplus fluid in the body flows into the lungs. Second, anemia depletes your body’s supply of oxygen, causing shortness of breath.

6. Swelling of some body areas, such as the ankles, feet, and hands:

Swelling of the ankles, feet, and hands occurs when our kidneys do not function properly. All of this occurs because your body is unable to drain excess fluid, resulting in sodium retention, which causes swelling. Swelling in the lower extremities indicates that we have heart disease, liver disease, or difficulties with our legs’ veins.

7. You’re suffering from back pain:

Back pain that originates in the right rib cage and is linked to kidney issues. The collection of kidney cysts is the source of this pain. This leads us back to the subject of polycystic kidney disease. Back pain is frequently compared to renal disorders, which include nausea, vomiting, and frequent urination. You should see a doctor to get a medication that will help you lessen your symptoms and get back to normal.

8. Experiencing eye pain

The look of your urine is one of the first symptoms of damage to your kidney’s filter system. Puffiness around the eyes will result from this damage. Your kidneys are infiltrating a huge amount of protein inside your urine and do not preserve it or disperse it in your body, resulting in puffiness around your eye.

9. Excessive blood pressure:

Our circulatory system and kidneys are mutually dependent. Our kidneys have nephrons, which we notice. When our blood arteries are damaged, we may notice that our nephrons are affected. This indicates that the nephrons receive insufficient oxygen and nutrients, resulting in excessive blood pressure.

10. Changes in urine patterns

Your kidneys are in charge of creating urine and removing waste from your body through it. Urine changes in frequency, odor, color, and appearance should not be overlooked.

11- Excessive Itching

That itchy, dry skin could be more than simply another unwelcome side effect of sudden weather changes. The increased urea in the bloodstream linked with renal diseases can cause severe itching in many persons with renal difficulties.

12- You’re feeling cold frequently

If you need a sweater even on a warm day, it could be a sign that your kidneys are failing. Anemia, which is common in people with renal illness, is typically accompanied with a sense of coldness, especially in the extremities.

13. Swollen hands

Do you have a wedding band that fell off a few days ago but is now stuck on your finger? This can mean your kidneys aren’t working properly. Swelling in the hands is a sign that your kidneys aren’t efficiently removing excess fluid from your body.

14- Bad breath

When your kidneys aren’t doing their job of filtering waste, it often shows up in unexpected locations. Take, for example, the terrible breath that frequently accompanies kidney problems.

15- Too much bathroom visits

It can mean that the kidneys are not ok if you find yourself going to the bathroom more frequently. Dr. Renee Matthews, MD, notes that if the kidney filters are damaged, it might create an urge to urinate, especially at night. Frequent urination is linked to a slew of health conditions, including pregnancy and diabetes, so it’s worth a visit to the doctor if you’re experiencing it.